Why Elettro Light

Unison. This is the key feature of Elettro Light Systems.

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As service-based company, we are able to offer tailor made solution composed by different products (hardware/software) of different vendors that work togheter, in unison, to cover the specific needs of the customer.

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Our reach includes successful deployments and support throughout EMEA Area.

Elettro Light is positioned to support your requirements in virtually any urban or rural environment.

Our regional and national clients value our ability to maintain a personal relationship while performing on an enterprise level.

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We are a platinum level and preferred partner to most of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

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From a design, engineering, and functionality perspective, we are positioned to ensure your investment delivers on your performance expectation.

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Support Services direct from Elettro Light include multiple 7/24/365 Service Operations Centers where we answer the needs of over 18,000 requests annually. In addition to our on-site technician programs, we offer FULL Services including remote diagnostics, health monitoring, strategic planning, system maintenance, management reporting, and supply chain logistics. Each of our Support Services programs is designed to enhance, protect, and future-proof your investments.


Security and Investigations

Company size

100 – 150 employees




Security Risk, Security Design, Political Risk, Cyber Security, Security Training, Security Consultancy, Security Systems, Design, Build, Run , Security Management , Advisory , Cloud Technology, Border/Perimeter Security and Project Management/installation/maintenance 365/h24

Emea securiry company
About us

Top 3 security system
integrator in Italy

Listed in TOP 3 system integrator in Italy, Elettro Light is also italian reference for some of the most important multinationals in the pharmaceutical, entertainment and logistics field.


Step by step, detail by detail and challenge by challenge we we continuously improve our services

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Design, Build in, Run, 365/h24 Maintenance


We are a platinum level and preferred partner to most of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

As service-based company, the constant improvement of the knowledge of our engineers is our top priority as well as their certification process for top brand as:

Moreover Elettro Light operates according to the principles of ISO Standard.

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